Sunday, January 27, 2019

Creating a Cult of Fun: An Intro to the Project

Do you like to march to the beat of a different drum? Do you like to laugh? Do you enjoy sarcasm and dark humor? Do you have sadomasochistic tendencies? Do you love deep conversations about the mysteries of the universe? Are you a serial hobbyist? Do you think political correctness is dumb? Do you like science? Do you have an aversion for emotional drama? Do you have a strong desire to make significant, observable physical, psychological, and social improvements to your life, including your interpersonal relationships? Are you old enough to vote? Are you open-minded? Do you enjoy rolling around on the ground while simulating breaking limbs and committing murder with other adults while wearing sweaty pajamas with the Top Gun soundtrack blaring in the background, then meet up for Mexican food afterward?

If you answered yes to all of these, El Diablo Jiu Jitsu is the place for you!

[NOTE - we haven't opened a physical facility yet. Stay tuned.]

If you were repulsed by anything above, you're in the wrong place. Shoot me a message and I'll recommend a gym that'll be a better fit. 

Hi, I'm Jason. My wife Shelly and I have created this project because we love jiu jitsu. We have a slightly different take on this sport, and we don't like imposing our... weirdness... on others. Given our dominant personalities and complete lack of shame or embarrassment (yes, the pic above is me after going nightie-night in a tournament... it was a pleasant nap), we can be a bit much for the uninitiated. And we have some priorities which are quite different than other, more conventional jiu jitsu gyms. So we created our own gig.

Why are we so insistent on finding like-minded people? Because we're both in the education field. We have to suppress A LOT of our natural personalities out of professional consideration. We take our roles as professional educators seriously. When we're outside work, we need to break free and be ourselves. Through years of experience, we know surrounding ourselves with like-minded people while doing a mutually-enjoyable hobby is the best way to manifest that freedom. 

In future posts, I'll detail exactly what goals we're trying to accomplish with this project. More importantly, we'll spell out exactly what we can offer and whether or not we'd be right for you. We're strong believers in finding your "tribe" of like-minded people. As such, we have zero interest in appealing to the masses. We want to appeal to our people. If that's not you, there are plenty of other excellent gyms that will provide what you seek. And that's perfectly okay. 

The El Diablo Project is starting as this blog you're reading right now. We also have a Facebook Group for jiu jitsu-related discussions. In the near future, we'll begin adding jiu jitsu-related videos on our YouTube channel. Eventually, we'll open a physical facility, which will be located in Colorado's picturesque Western Slope. Stay tuned for those developments!


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